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    Revamp Your Bathroom With Fred Rose Bathrooms Near Loftus

    Do you dream of transforming your bathroom into a luxurious escape? Then get help from Fred Rose Bathrooms' team of experienced master builders, interior designers and renovation experts.
    Residents in Loftus and other nearby suburbs have trusted us with their custom bathroom renovations for over 45 years. We are a wholly Australian-owned company that consistently delivers quality service. With our tailored designs, unparalleled craftsmanship, and 10-year workmanship guarantee, we ensure that each project is completed with precision and excellence.
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    Bathroom Renovation
    Ensuite Renovation
    Laundry Renovation

    Why Choose Us?

    At Fred Rose Bathrooms, we understand the importance of creating the perfect space where you can relax after a long day at work. That's why when it comes to renovating your bathroom, we don't take any shortcuts or compromise on quality! Here's what else makes us stand out from the crowd:
    • Expertise: Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in handling complex projects related to bathroom remodelling projects;
    • Custom Designs: We believe everyone should have access to unique designs that reflect their personal style; therefore, we offer bespoke solutions so that you get exactly what you need;
    • Showroom: We have two display centres in Sydney showcasing an extensive range of branded fittings, furniture, fixtures and even walk-in bathroom setups for your choosing.
    • Full Project Management: At Fred Rose Bathrooms, making sure every detail is taken care of is essential for us – from planning to completion of the entire project!
    So why wait? Get in touch with us today if you're looking for expert bathroom renovation services near Loftus or its surrounding suburbs!
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