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    Get Your Bathrooms Renovated in Merrylands

    It is proven that a new bathroom which has been expertly planned and constructed will add substantial value to your home. Fred Rose Bathrooms adds style, function, and elegance to your bathroom while providing you with the most excellent bathroom renovation services available in Merrylands. Whether you are planning to remodel the bathroom or do a total bathroom makeover, our knowledge and experience will offer you the competence you want from the initial design phase to the completion and upkeep of your new bathroom.
    We have assembled a group of highly-skilled professionals who will guarantee that your bathroom renovations are done to the highest standards. We are the only professionals you will need for all your bathroom remodelling and bathroom renovation requirements in Merrylands..
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    What Sets Us Apart From the Rest of the Crowd?

    • Fred Rose Bathrooms will take care of the entire process and answer any concerns you may have about the space and design. We work with known and reliable suppliers who will provide all of the supplies you need to complete your project successfully.
    • We provide professional assistance in selecting the tapware and bathroom ware to make your bathroom beautiful.
    • We work closely with you to bring your new bathroom to life, fulfilling all your renovation requirements throughout the process.
    • We employ only skilled and certified tradespeople who will do all work, and we utilise only high-quality branded fixtures.

    This is How Everything Works

    Step 1 - Consultation

    We will discuss design ideas, layout, and any things you may have on your wishlist during our first consultation. A preliminary budget for the bathroom renovation project will also be discussed at this time, if not already done so. We will also go through the remodelling process with you and answer any questions.

    Let’s Run Through Our Quick Bathroom Refurbishment Process

    Step 1 - Presentation of the Plan

    We will provide a plan and a fully-detailed packaged price quotation for the bathroom renovation project, including the specification of fixtures and fittings. Our goal is to present you with the best design available while staying within your budget. There is a lot of freedom in selecting fittings, and we will handle any modifications to the fittings quickly and simply at this stage. We will arrange a start date for the remodelling work after the design and selection of fixtures and fittings have been finalised.

    Step 2 - Renovations

    Once the first steps towards transforming your bathroom have been taken, we will start on the protection phase of the restoration process. This begins with installing protective covers over the critical floor areas to keep them safe throughout the remodelling. The bathroom fixtures are removed, and any objects you may want to save are placed in a separate location. Our team will work closely with suppliers to ensure that the necessary fittings and materials are on-site when needed and that our high standards are maintained throughout the project.

    Step 3 - Finalising

    Excess material and waste are immediately removed from the site using our own Fred Rose trucks. The site supervisor will do a final comprehensive assessment to verify that the finished bathroom is ready for use. Entrust Fred Rose Bathrooms with the task of designing your dream bathroom. We provide a complete design and project management service to help you realise your vision for your ideal bathroom. Our team brings all their expertise and experience to handle all your bathroom renovation requirements, whether you’ve chosen a bathroom package or custom design. With our seamless design and project management services, we will see to the creation of your ideal bathroom from conception to completion. The team at Fred Rose Bathrooms is deeply committed to providing excellent customer service and working closely with you to design a bathroom that you will enjoy. We recognise that a bathroom renovation is an investment in the value of your house, as well as an opportunity to improve your comfort, convenience, and pleasure. We combine creativity with technical understanding to develop customised bathroom design solutions for every customer. We create beautiful bathrooms and always strive to provide excellent quality that is designed to endure, giving you the most significant return on your investment. And every endeavour begins with a telephone conversation! Call us for a productive chat on 1300 143 733!
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