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In Need Of Bathroom Renovations In Smithfield?

Do you think your bathroom is looking out of date? Has any fixture stopped working or needs constant repairs? It's time you consider a proper bathroom renovation. Fred Rose Bathrooms are the leaders in renovations in Smithfield, making your choice that much easier to make. We take out the uncertainty and make all things possible for your much-needed bathroom renovations.

Bathroom Renovations From Us At Fred Rose

In case it has been a tough ride to find the right company for bathroom renovations in Smithfield, it's about time you give the nod to Fred Rose. We are not some newbie company! Fred Rose has been very successful in this field for the last 45+ years and is still growing stronger each year. Our vast experience helps us deliver the bathroom renovations you desire without breaking your budget. So, if you desire to get a full customised option, Fred Rose Bathrooms will go all out to provide the best in the market.

Providing Installation In Three Easy Steps

We have been handling bathroom renovations for many decades now. This has allowed us to work in three really simple steps:

  • First, we visit your place in Smithfield, or you visit our store. By doing this, we get to have a discussion with you regarding your bathroom renovations. Our experts are friendly and patient and will make sure your requirements are taken on board before starting any work. You can reach out to our display showroom to check out how we can deliver services to you. We can also visit your home and help you decide on all the factors and give you a free quote.
  • In the next step, you should visit our selection centre. Here, you can select the bathroom fixtures and accessories you want for your new bathroom. You can then suggest any changes if needed. This is to ensure there is minimum confusion when the project gets under way.
  • The last step is installation. Thanks to the previous two phases, this part becomes much easier. Since we have licensed tradesmen in every aspect of bathroom renovations, you can be ensured of the highest quality at each stage.

Opt For Our Services

There are several reasons why you should choose our services in Smithfield. We will look at some crucial points here:

100% Quality

When it comes to the quality of our bathroom renovations, be assured about our services. We have experienced tradesmen working for us, which allows us to deliver the best outcomes.

Great Communication

We believe in setting the right tone with our customers before the actual task of bathroom renovations gets underway. As long as we know what needs to be done upfront, we can deliver the services accordingly.

Wide Options

We have a wide array of interchangeable options for you in bathroom renovations. These custom options help us to cater to any special requirements you may have.

For the best bathroom renovations and service in Smithfield, contact Fred Rose on 1300 143 733. Once you choose us for the job, you can rest assured it will be done to perfection, giving you peace of mind!

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If the quality of craftsmanship in your home matters to you, then get in touch with Fred Rose Bathrooms today...